Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cool DIY Clothes

6-Scoop T-Shirt-

T-Shirt Hat-

Sock Monkey Hat-

Elf Slippers-

Anthro-Inspired Dress-

Bow-Embellished Shirts-

Flowery Neckline Tee-

Ribbon Necklace-

Dress Tutorial-

Jersey Sleeve Necklace-

Mens T-Shirt Transformation-

Fancy Flip Flops-

Fabric Flower Headband-

Ruffly Shoes-

Button Scarf-

Fabric Flower Necklace-

Ribbon Embellished T-Shirt-

Anthro Inspired Twist Top-

Jean Bracelet-

Day of the Week Hanger Tags-

Critter Caps-

Mickey Mouse Headband-

Headband Holder-

Shower Curtain Ring Necklace-

Lace and Pearl Bracelet-

Gladiator Flip-flops-

T-Shirt Bracelets-

Ruffle Necklaces-

Flower Cuff Bracelets-

Juice Pouch Belt-

Faux Necklace T-Shirts-

Ruffle-and-Button T-shirt-

Vintage Inspired Flower Hat-

Ruffly Scarf-

Spiral Applique-

No-Knit Scarf-

Candy Wrapper Belt-

Transformed Shirt Tutorial-

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